BDAC—Old Sarum Airfield Museum

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection is currently looking for the following:

· For Sepecat Jaguar GR1 (XX734) inboard stores pylon, drop tank fins, auxiliary pitot tubes, and combined temperature probe.

· For Gazelle (XZ335) many items including pilot and co-pilot seats, tail, rotor head and blades, main gear box.

· For Comet Mk C2 (XK699) pilot spot lights, and various radio controllers.

· For Meteor NF11 (WD686) harnesses, radio altimeter indicator, radar display and all other back seat black boxes.

· For Jet Provost (G-VIVM XS230) ejection seats, and stb main U/C top retraction link.

· For Tornado GR1T  (ZA319) ejection seats, all front and rear cockpit instruments, wing pylons, most avionics.