Sea Harrier Continued

Following its successful Falklands campaign, it was returned to 899 NAS Yeovilton and then transferred to British Aerospace and converted to an FA.2.  She was then redelivered to the Royal Navy 899 NAS Yeovilton code 714.  On the 20th October 1994 she suffered, an uncontained engine failure during take off and in the subsequent fire suffered extensive damage to the front fuselage particularly on the starboard side.  The pilot Lieutenant-Commander Bayliss ejected successfully. 


As part of the aging airframe programme the airframe which had a high time/fatigue usage was transferred to DERA (Boscombe Down) in 2001 so that fatigue and structural analysis could be carried out.  However, before extensive work was carried out the decision was taken to withdraw the Sea Harrier Fleet from service and so this part of the programme was cancelled.  The airframe was then considered surplus to requirements and it was donated to BDAC in four major sections (fuselage, wing, elevator, and fin) with all Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), main undercarriage, and many panels missing.

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection—Old Sarum Airfield

Restoring the past for the future